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The Classic Rock of Tomorrow

The Silver Anniversary Collection

'Livin It Up' (The Silver Anniversary Collection) is possible the final album from Craig Payne and will drop on January 1 2020 marking 25 years of recording for Craig... It is a compilation of 14 previously released, withdrawn and now rerecorded tracks which best represent the diverse musical talent of Craig... From Rock, Jazz Reggae and the odd Ballad Livin' It up (The Silver Anniversary Collection) is a strong eclectic mix with something for everyone... As Craig says: "never say never" but the feeling at the moment is this is likely the last album at least for a while although Craig will bee keeping his hand in and may produce the occasional track just for the fun of it... Music streaming has contributed heavily in Craig's current directional change which sees Craig working on two new books at the moment following a good level of success from 'Faulty Caskets (An Undertakers Story) which is available as an E-Book and Paperback... However, musicians are always announcing the 'final album' or 'final tour' so although there's nothing in the immediate future who knows? Musically this album sums up a great deal of success and recognition achieved which is a good place to be; but as previously mentioned 'streaming' with deals as cheap as 99c for unlimited tracks is putting thousands if not millions of artists in a no win situation and the royalties are shrinking on a daily basis for everyone other than the streaming sites... Anyway, for now enjoy the many albums releases 'The Silver Anniversary Collection' Craig has produced and perhaps in the future, distant or not, there may be perhaps an encore from Craig Payne...

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Soul Searching (A Tribute To John Lennon)

December 8th 2019 is the 39th anniversary of the passing of John Lennon (AKA Dr Winston O' Boogie) and to mark the date 'Soul Searching' and 'Liverpool Crying' will be released as a tribute to a dearly missed soul... Craig decided on the tribute , which I first wrote and recorded in 1981, at a time when the world could do with a bit of peace and understanding and when the single drops on December 8th 2019 on practically every platform in the Universe hopefully a little bit of peace and love will ripple through the cosmos...

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Passing Shadows

The final album for 2019 and the second to last album, possibly of all time, 'Passing Shadows' is an eclectic mix of 14 original songs... Passing Shadows opens the album and is a song about those occasions when you're not quite sure if you had contact with a deceased friend or relative or not when you wake up... quite a tasteful song... Brave New World is an optimistic song suggesting that we all can contribute to a better world if we want to... The album flows smoothly with a few Beatle-esque moments along with some truly original tracks... And... check out the cover... a bit of 3D computer art just for fun...

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Singer-songwriter Craig Payne is ready to make history. No kidding, the new album is proudly titled Making History, and it’s loaded, aimed high, and if the title is anything to go by, it should burn an unmissable trail across the sky that is New Zealand music. Or even better - global music markets. With two full albums and a healthy-sized list of singles under his belt, Craig is not slowing down, nor backing away from the next logical step in his musical career..

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One Night Stand - 2019 - A critically acclaimed album with a diverse range of songs and a very Beatle-Esque delivery...

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Good News - 2018 - The very first album from Craig Payne - An absolute must for your music collection

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